After a 20-year career in healthcare, Erich Sizelove decided to follow his passion for great cocktails and started Bar Spoon Beverage Co. He saw the need to bring a better and simpler experience for people to enjoy cocktails at home.

Over the years, including a few of his younger years spent as a bartender, Erich realized that many great cocktails follow a similar formula: Strong (alcohol), Sweet, and Sour ingredients in various proportions.

Bar Spoon Beverage Co. mixes are designed to be used right from the bottle or can be the starting point of something uniquely your own. We use only the highest-quality real juice (and lots of it), cane sugar, and other natural ingredients that are easy to pronounce. As a result, the mixes are very concentrated so that a little goes a long way. For most cocktails, only 1-2 ounces of our mixes are needed. We encourage you to dilute the mix with a little still or sparkling water to achieve the taste that is right for you.

At Bar Spoon Beverage Co., we keep things simple: Pour. Stir. Enjoy! With our mixes, great cocktails are at the ready for any celebration – even if that celebration is making it to Friday night.

We hope you enjoy our mixes. We are proudly made in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Our Where to Find Us page lists all of our retail partners, many of which are local business just like us.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram @barspoonbeverageco and tag us in photos. Please contact us if you have any questions on uses, recipes, partnerships, and so forth. We’d love to see and hear from you!

Bar Spoon Beverage Co. founder Erich Sizelove at an event benefiting